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After buying new or used car, the next step to get the desired results from the new or used cars the user must maintain the car on regular basis and to keep the engine in good condition, save the car body from corrosion and to keep it shiny.
Car maintenance is car oriented and car specific task as different cars have different and diverse requirements. Some of the very fundamental items are covered here by pkmotors cars experts. For complete information about car maintenance of specific cars one can refer to the car's owner manual or can visit the local dealer or website of car.

These few basic car maintenance tips and checklist is given here for ease of car user and the better performance of the cars.

1) Taking care of the car body:

Care of the car body keep the used car shiny and protect it from corrosion and it looks like a new car instead of those that are not properly cared by the body care may include different tasks and actions on the owners results can be obtained by taking care of the following checklist.

Washing and waxing the car regularly removes the bugs and prevent the permanent stains and dirt that can accumulate and easily corrode the paint of the car and regular waxing minimise the harm of the chemicals and keep the shine of the paint.

Undercoating and rustproofing is highly useful in the humid and coastal areas where salt use is common like Karachi. Proper under coating and rustproofing of the car can protect the important parts and thus can avoid many accidents.

Removing stone chips, deep scratches and the paint marks left by other objects before the corrosion and getting permanent help alot in maintaing the car body in good shape.

2) Proper care of the car interior:

Maintenance of the car interior is as important as the exterior of the car.the clean interior not just give a great look to the car but it is vital for the good health of the car user.

For clean interior of the car one can take the following measures:
Regular and proper Vacuuming of the car.
C leaning seats,doors and carpets.
C cleaning and polishing the dash board of the car regularly.

3 ) maintenance of the car engine:

E ngine is regaded as heart of the car and all other vehicles it's a fact that maintenance do not make the car engine everlasting but its also a fact that proper care and engine maintenance make the cars and all other vehicles engines durable and in good condition.

Some easy to do steps can make your car engine durable and provide you trouble free car driving for quite long duration:

Changing engine oil at or before manufacturer suggested interval prevent the engine from contamination because of carbon
Deposits or sludge that shorten engine's life
Use Synthetic oil instead of the conventional mineral oils
Check the coolant level periodically.

4 ) Transmission maintenance:

Automatic transmission is one of the most complicated,expensive and one of the less reliable among the all the car parts.defects in transmission system can cause various safety issues.transmission maintenance can be done in various ways like preventing the transmission from overheating,fixing the leakage of transmission fluid,proper and suitable use of overdrive(O/D) and servicing the transmission from the car make dealers and use the original parts.

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