Buying & Selling Used Cars in Pakistan....Made Simple



PKmotors providing the used car buying and selling tips and information to all customers across the Pakistan make the used cars owners able to sell used cars at high prices and with less effort and hassle free procedures. Following used car selling tips at pkmotors make customers able to meet or exceed the expectations from selling used cars. Customers looking to sell used cars can get most of there used cars selling by following pkmotors used car selling tips by doing some additional work and efforts.

Our used car selling tips for all the customers are:

Price your used car competitively.

First of all establish a proper value based on your local automotive market that you are expecting from your used car.used cars classifieds at local newspapers and the used cars dealers estimates and experts judgements help alot in determining the true value for your used cars.

Advertisement to sell used car:

Place your used car ad at pkmotors to attract online community or at local newspapers providing you with the facility. List the year, make, odel and also the body style of your used car.information about the mileage,engine size and color are plus points of your ad. Let people know about your car and be honest in providing the true information.don't forget to mention any special and extra feature and acessories of your car.

preparing used car for sale:

A appearance is everything.the cleaned and detailed cars take an edge over other used cars for sale in the market.So putting good wax job,vacuuming inside of the car and gloosing up the tires make the car attractive and have a pleasant effect on buyer and can justify slight higher selling price.Adding extra accessories such as car alarm system make the car even more need for major mechanical repairs or body work these cost more than increase in the price.simply mention these in the ad and you will get rid of all the concerning hassles.

Responding to inquiries:

Once placed the ad to sell used car be ready to answer the phone calls and queries of the prospective honest to answer the questions and save your self alot of time and more chances to turn appoints into sale.

Showing Your Car and test drives:

Often potential customers want to test drive the used cars before they finalise the deal or take the car to mechanic let them make their satisfictions properly and if possible guide the customers in proper direction for the mechanic reports fetching.

Negotiating for the Best Price:

the customer may be satisfied from the condition of your used car after taking the test drive and may like it but may have some problems with the asking price then they may offer you below your asking price then negotiate for the best prices possible and never focus on reaching a win win price negotiate slowly and clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

Transferring the title:

Consult motor vehicles department to know the exact procedure and the requirements of transferring the title and Make sure that the title is properly and completely transferred as this will prevent you from liablity for future accidents.

Care in financial transactions:

Always ask for cash or get a certified check. Or you can go to the bank and make an electronic transfer but never ever take personal checks.

Useful Tips:

1) keep all records/documentation of maintenance performed.
2) Try to put a reasonable amount of mileage per year on your car.
3) You get a better price if you sell it yourself instead of involving a dealer.
4) Always keep the interior of your car clean. Avoid eating in your car.
5) Have scratches and dents repaired in a timely manner. If this is not done, your car may catch rust.
6) Avoid customizing your car. It does not add to its value. Don't add accessories, this may decrease the market value of your car.

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