Buying & Selling Used Cars in Pakistan....Made Simple

How PkMotors Works?

free car sale purchase services in islamabad lahore karachi
It is absolutely free!

Many websites claim to be free services but they are not indeed. Selling your contact information to marketers, sending you spam emails, disclosing your information to outsiders, unecessary and unrelated advertisements is their main interest. PkMotors is unlike them. When we say, absolutely free, we mean it!

If you are a buyer of Car in Pakistan:

If you are looking to buy a used car in Pakistan, you have no better place than PkMotors. Our search is advance yet simple to use. We don't display unecessary or unrelated makes and models. You easily find the make or model you have been looking for. Once you have found the car you are looking for in Pakistan, you don't need to sign up etc before you contact the seller of car. The information of seller will be openly avalable. You can either contact using the land line phone number or Cell number of seller. Or you can simply fill the form and the buyer will receive it in his email. If you make a deal with seller. If you make a deal with seller, you have no obligation to pay any commission or service charges to PkMotors. We are as happy as you when you find the car in Pakistan.

If you are a seller of Car in Pakistan!

Before you spend your time in posting your car advertisement on a website in Pakistan, please make sure if your investment of time is worth it. Not just the sign up process and advertisement system should be easy and quick, but check out how easy it is for the buyers to search your car in Pakistan. With PkMotors you can sign up within 2 minutes and create your car for sel in Pakistan ad. within next couple of minutes. No email authentication is required and no obligations etc. We will receive an auto update about your new sign up and ad creation. We will immediately review your ad. and account for buyers interest and activate your account. Once activated, your car for sale in Pakistan will start immediately appearing in our serch database. You are ready to receive real people interested in your car. We cover all most all makes and model available in Pakistan. In case you don't find your car for sale model or make available in database, please contact us from our contact us page. We will immediately work it out for you.

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